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Need a different version? Try one of these:
Outlook 2003 | Outlook Express | Outlook 2007

Setting up your email on your iPhone is fairly straightforward. The trick is to get all the settings entered without a typo on the teeny-tiny keyboard. While the screen shots are from an iPhone they should work on any iOS device such as iPad, and iTouch.

Though you may chose to use an IMAP or POP3 account. Choose IMAP if you want to check the account on multiple computers or mobile devices.

Start on the home screen.

Tap the Settings icon.






Scroll down and Tap Mail, Contacts, Calendars.





Select your email provider. Since you will not see Wildwood Hosting on the list, tap OTHER.


(If you already have an email account set up and you want to modify its settings, tap Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars, tap the name of your account)





Tap Add Mail Account



Tap the IMAP button.


Enter your name and email address, and a description for this mailbox.

Then tap Next or scroll down to see the Incoming Mail Server settings.


Incoming Mail Server settings:

For Host Name enter mail.domain.com (where you replace the word domain with your actual domain name, for example: mail.mystore.com)

For User Name enter your full email address.

Then enter the password assigned for your mail account.

Then tap Next or scroll down to see the Outgoing Mail Server settings.


Outgoing Mail Server settings:

For SMTP enter mail.domain.com (where you replace the word domain with your actual domain name, for example: mail.mystore.com), the same setting you used for Incoming Host Name.

Even though it indicates that user name and password are "optional", you need to enter it anyway. Remember to use your full email address for the user name.




Tap Save.

A warning ‘Cannot Connect Using SSL’ may appear if you do not have an SSL Certification on your hosting account. Just tap "No" to continue without the SSL.

A warning ‘Secure Connection Failed’ will appear. Tap continue.

Wait for iPhone to verify the account information.

Tap the email account you have just created.

Scroll down and tap Advanced.



Set use SSL to OFF.

Tap Authentification, and make sure there is a checkmark indicating it is "On"



If you are unable to send mail, it may be necessary to Tap Server Port and enter the Outgoing Port used by your iPhone provider.

(you can try 587, or 143)


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